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Mar 2, 2014 7:00am PST
with ukraine, guaranteeing that country's borders in return for which ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons. for washington, for americans, really for people around the world, it would be a terrible mess dent to allow issues like these to be resolved not by negotiations or diplomacy, but by force. if russia can detach parts of neighboring countries with impunity, won't other great powers like china, decide that they, too, can act in similar ways. so what can be done? for starters, president obama should cancel entirely his attendance at the g-8 summit to be held in sochi in june. he should try to persuade the other major powers to follow suit. russia's membership in the g-8 should be suspended. the g-8 was created to recognize post-soviet russia was behaving like an honorable member of the international community, not a rogue state. if the behavior has changed, russia's status should also change. militarily there is less than can be done. russia's defense budget is about 18 times that of ukraine but nato should restart talks on providing assurances to countries like poland including perhaps
Mar 1, 2014 5:00pm PST
's population and ukraine's industrial center never recognized the country's new authorities that to call what they say fully in an homage to nbc is why we see thousands of people those officials and ordinary residence men women and thai families at least ten major cities all over the iranian protests against the country's new monsters and a gaze what they say could threaten the peaceful future. the cbi afraid of radical elements that played an important role in the coup in kiev and the year warning that the comp today region's drinking bottles with them and this is something of course they don't want. i didn't feel all that the repetition of the deadly events in the capital thousands took to the streets to protest in and demonstrating and calling on russia to help the height of the c t known as the capital of the eastern ukraine and not just the two ne area had strong russian protesters managed to find a leak and said the government using that was captured by so called chrome i got to my straight a's for almost a week and raise the russian flag and that was accompanied by clashes in shootings
Mar 1, 2014 6:00am PST
to their country they're worried about a broader conflict with ukraine, a country they feel very close to. >> the foreign ministry did put out a statement this morning. didn't it? saying it is extremely concerned about events. explain moscow's point of view. >> the official russian view is that the moment that nothing like an intervention is going on. this is also what we hear from statements from the russian foreign min city. they're mainly responding to provocations. they're saying we're trying to keep the interior ministry and stress they're in the interest of the many ethnic russians and acting in accordance with the agreement. in general, it's very important to russia and seen russia is still hoping that with increasing the pressure on the government, will let go because for russia it's losing ukraine as a strategycal partner was bad. now also losing crimea would be the wost scenario. so they're willing to risk a lot. >> huge amount at stake. as we saw that message from balm quite strong wording trying to warn off russia. how far do you think moscow thinks it can go? >> well, preside
Mar 1, 2014 11:00pm PST
. ukraine with the country after the protests. at wimbledon was estimated that name. it's a welcome to stop a decent start on. it then sets comes thick and shops to ukraine in recent days after weeks of protests and opposition to cap a pow in the capital kiev last week. six am attending two was the president until a few days ago took flight this development so welcomed by many people particularly in the west of the country in cities like of it. and in any edition of their games and movie ticket that instant you help us loads of protest is what regularly travel to kiev while the predominant feeling in the event is not one of hope. many also see links to daddy to sit back and relax. then by night since the revolution the city has been without a police courts. hundreds of people have volunteered to patrol the streets from their cars. b is one of them i have been doing it for six days i started off in kiev but then i returned to my hometown because i wanted to do something for the beach there's six hundred drivers out every night and won't be long before there are thousand of us. slogans such a
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 8:00pm EST
close to russia within the country. is there a lot of credibility and sympathy within ukraine to that? >> yes, the old guard always takes advantage of any slip-ups that the new guard makes, whether in ukraine or other countries that have gone through revolutions. what happened here is that the new government repealed a law allowing russian language to be the second official language. if ipp feweriated many -- infuriate many that look towards them for political guidance and help. people in kiev and the western part of the ukraine are looking to the west. there's is sense that they may have stepped too far. they have made the step. it's too late to step back from that. they are focussed on crimea, but they do not think that russia will back down. russian interests are high politically and economically. but geographically. this is the portal to the mediterranean. there's no sense that russia will give the territory up. can the government step up to the challenge. it's 48 hours old. the government needs to assemble it is a day after firing the chief. not easy on a good day, let alone 48 h
Mar 4, 2014 10:30am PST
and this is something that no one and no country can afford to ignore. choose a particular the lid open eu ukraine is in chaos right now and it's not the first time our western partners are missing with this country sometimes i get the feeling that across the ocean in america their assigned to sitting in a lab experimenting with people as if the word guinea pigs without realizing the consequences of their actions is which. some of the western world seems to be so preoccupied with making rock that looked like an aggressor perhaps when they showed me the can that is out who's really in charge in ukraine right now as i can look up their actions and their works. civilians during the fight scenes. i worry to much for bringing us a nearly three tapas are some of the highlights and president with this statement during qt with journalists there. while a layer from friends and our cottage to moscow where he appealed for help to restore order was read to the us. the council brushes and where was the revolting criticism of moscow's role in the crisis an emergency meeting israel for guys in your forest has mo
Al Jazeera America
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm EST
it withdrew it's ambassador from ukraine after president yanukovych left the country. >> they're warned not to violate ukraine integrity. that's the big concern here. we saw a few, laugh a dozen russian armor personnel carriers on what they call exercises just north, a few miles outside of the city. they said they are just on exercises but for the international community seeming a little inflammatory. the people here are comforted by this. many look towards russia for safety. many are ethnic russians, and they speak russian, and so they find comfort knowing that the russians are nearby. vladimir putin calling for a russian military exercise on ukraine borders. he calls it a very clear side to show that russia is here present and very, very close and influential on the region. >> jennifer class reporting to us live from the crimea peninsula. now let's head northwest to kiev where our nick schifrin is standing by. nick, what is being said by politicians trying to understand the situation in crimea? >> well, it's a huge sauterne ray. they're calling it no less than a russian occupation, wh
Feb 28, 2014 7:00am PST
ukraine is a poor country. the per capita gdp of ukraine is about four thousand dollars compared to russia which is about fourteen thousand dollars for france which has forty thousand dollars so they doing the kind of business and people do. from abroad in a four country which is what ukraine still is. it shouldn't be. this is russia's launch economic role in ukraine cost of the thinking in moscow the russian government has made it quite clear that it doesn't like what's happening across the board to the above were rushed to help out number that's because of its economic interests in ukraine book books you'll sense when it comes to that. russia has a huge economic interest in ukraine ukraine's stands between russia and europe in europe as russia's big customer for gas so for the pipeline which transports russian gas across ukraine to europe is a major asset of great importance to the russians. that pipeline is currently owned by the ukrainians that the discussions in the past about privatizing the pipeline sale and lease back so that the russian shippers to have a better view of what's hap
Mar 3, 2014 5:00am PST
know what will the presenter to make some headway of ukraine seven countries though russia they were torn from planning the salty g eight summit. as the world watches a tense standoff continues between ukrainian or russian forces this pt crimean peninsula the all sky is told is this lady wins best picture of all space for the gravity takes seven awards including best director. cool which we jumped on sunday about russia's present pitch in supporting its a pitch except he replies oh i hope to start up thought of between and policies of both the credit crisis. the dakotas taiwan the us jeremy and five other countries issued a joint statement that will be restoring from pining for russia's get to it. g eight summit in such a course on sunday nate to convene in a maxi meeting to discuss its options. i deplore in russia's recent actions grading. we call on russia he estimates tensions. we call from russia. tool on our board is international commitments. to withdraw its forces to its bases. and to reframe from any interference elsewhere in ukraine. and alternate the phone call wa
Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 5:00pm EST
the european union offered ukraine $15 billion in aid. the same amount russia offered the country before former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych ouster. the e.u. plans to meet thursday about the possibility of sanctions but so far the group has treaded lightly. >> crisis diplomacy is not a weakness but it is more important than ever for us not to fall into the abyss of a military escalation not to blunder into this abyss. >> summited osummitvladimir puts unfazed. the u.s. really has little economic leverage. for example, russia and germany have strong economic ties. germany is the biggest importer of russian gas and oil. some of it comes through pop lines across the ukraine. russian supplies account for 36% of all german gas consumption. german leader angela merkel has taken on a quiet diplomatic approach through phone conversation in moscow. in washington president obama's options are limited by congress. speaker of the house of representatives republican john boehner spoke with the u.s. stand off against russia against. >> the majority working with our committee chairs on a bailout packa
Mar 1, 2014 6:30pm PST
tonight in the ukraine. the country's acting president has put the military on high alert after russia approved military intervention. masked gunmen have swarmed taken control in some places. h the russian government says it's trying to protect its interest. the united nations has been asked to intervene. >> the secretary-general continues to folklore so follow this seriously and rapidly unfolding events in ukraine and is gravely concerned about the deterioration of the situation. >> president obama spoke with russian president vladimir putin about the situation. the white house condemns russia's military action and demand pulls back its troops. >> the bay area ukrainian community is keeping a close eye on the crisis in the homeland. when asked about the russian military getting involved they had clear opinions. >> all around the bay ukrainians, russians and others who came to the u.s. after the breakup of the soviet union pray as they watch events unfold. the troops sees two main airports, parliament and main government office buildings. >> families with children and grandchildren, i
Al Jazeera America
Mar 4, 2014 3:30am EST
. first ukraine is a country on the brink of economic default. it's wants a rescue to keep its economy going. representatives have begun a 10-day visit to consider their consider. phil this is not the country's first bailout, another one was actually in the works until this recent turmoil. so this really did start with economic options. some of the protests were about a deal with europe that didn't go through? >> reporter: no, absolutely, ali. we look at the political strife and the military situation on the ground, but we forget where this started. and it all started with a trade deal on the table from brussels that the ukrainians were going to sign but then at the last minute were pulled back, many people say under the influence and pressure of moscow. that trade deal was supposed to bring ukraine more towards the west in a trade deal, but russia is equally trying to set up a trading block that would consist of many former soviet blocks. and now they find themselves in economic dire straits. we are learning about the former administration, and apparently they spirited away billions o
Feb 27, 2014 7:00pm PST
in the russian maneuvers the scenes the masses to ukraine's key leaders in kiev and the country supporting them the kremlin in response as their intended to daddy find treatment in this and nothing to do with the turmoil in neighboring ukraine the group would agree with cold on trips from the wisdom in which the district attachments in which the units have been deployed there. it would be good russia accuses the new ukraine leadership of failing to control how blind activist in the russian speaking cost of the country including the crimean peninsula western nations attending the kremlin. you know when to see a us exit to say john kerry wants russia to manage operations in ukraine would be a great use them as people of ukraine. ukraine looks west of the eu the european parliament improving visa free travel for citizens of neighboring moldova the former soviet republic it is pursuing the same association agreement brussels that ukraine's ousted president turned down it is. the british prime minister insists the uk can obtain the changes it wants to its eu membership status david cameron speaking
Mar 4, 2014 1:00am EST
and the events in kiev have resulted in the fact that ukraine is on the brink of a civil war. in the country there is chaos and anarchy. the rights of people in the southeast part of crimea are being threatened. under the influence of western countries, there is terror and violence. this is why i would call on mr. putin, asking him to use the armed forces of the russian federation to establish legitimacy, peace, law, order, stability, and defend the people of ukraine. 3 march, 2014. i have an opportunity to show all of you a photocopy of the original of this statement of the president of ukraine. i show it to the president of russia. there it is. madam president, those who are trying to interpret this situation as aggression are threatening all with all kinds of sanctions and boycotts. these are indeed our partners who consistently have encouraged forces close to them to engage in alternatives and refrain from dialogue, to polarize ukrainian society. we call on them to show responsible approaches to set aside geopolitical calculations and to put above all the interests of ukrainian people. i
Feb 28, 2014 8:00pm EST
of the budapest memorandum on security issues signed in 1994 between the ukraine and five countries. due to our decision to get rid of the nuclear armament. we addressed them to observe their obligations, including russia, who signed this memorandum. we asked the security council to consider the situation in the ukraine as seriously as it is and to undertake the appropriate measures to assist us to stop the dangerous developments which are challenging the international peace and our territorial integrity. thank you. >> how would you characterize the russian military movements, as aggression? >> yes, because some of them identified themselves as russians. we know specifically some of the units, for example the 22nd special brigade of the intelligence department, the foreign forces of the russian federation, we know involved the special law enforcement company. i gave you the name of this captain who led his group because of the decision of the crimean parliament, and we identified the presence of the russian aircraft and helicopters. the people who invaded in the parliament and the crimean parli
Mar 5, 2014 5:00am PST
they change the mind. the doc will serve as a force the pc in ukraine according to the country's new sports minister. of the friendliest of the stately cartwright will see to leave madrid while russia and potato mimi at the craft. england take on debt market wednesday and france that little on the coldest in the french capital wilco prints for sale or inaction against south africa and one of the funnest it seems to brazil belgium lady i'd weekends the cookies taking down fast ahead of the football world cup in brazil. but with one hundred days to get to full real estate uses still under construction and infrastructure problems says sharon about caffeine the general secretary admit it there's a lot of what to do. the fee for a working to two hundred kilometers per hour. the film offset will accept remains as optimistic as ever. this man hundred days he'd stand only to go and to teach or to a two goal lead into on field problems. but now. old problems are you are under control. and to the tv. in one hundred days. an exceptionally good start and an exceptional competition secure ortiz high on
Mar 4, 2014 10:00am EST
-- of noninterference in the internal affairs of a country and of respect for ukraine's independence, sovereignty, and territory. there are reasons why events in ukraine have progressed to where they are today. china will follow closely the developments on the ground and pull on all sides to find a political solution through dialogue and negotiations on the basis of respecting international law and principles of international relations and maintain peace and stability. thank you, madam president. >> i thank the representative for his statements. i give the floor to the representative of australia. >> thank you for this briefing. the situation in ukraine clearly continues to escalate. the potential for military confrontation is obvious. council last met on saturday, russian military activity in crimea area has seriously intensified and there are reports of more russian influence on ukraine's eastern and southern borders, violations of -- by fighter planes and reports of russian naval vessels blocking in crimea. we are seriously concerned about escalation of russian military activity. these actions
Feb 26, 2014 2:30pm PST
ukraine is in need of a credible government now because the country is in running out of money. bank today they watched the ukrainian currency low.n all-time crimean city there were opposedpro russians who the new government scuffled with crimean tartars. hey ordered a massive military exercise close to ukraine's border but said it was not events.d to in kiev there is still mourn in. ukraine's new leaders warned the country is on the disaster. they mourn the dead but they must think of the future of the country. discuss what go i had is going on in ukraine and u.s. he options are with senator christopher murphy who december to iev in address the protesters. ordering the exercises how concerned are you bout strong-arm tactics from moscow? >> i think we are very concerned. secret from de no the beginning they will likely do everything they can to ukrainian citizens from exercising their will which is to join an affiliation with european union. they made no bones about the act both privately and frankly to some of us in senate publicly signs the european agreement at the end of last year they
Mar 4, 2014 11:00am EST
of the security council. for having given me the floor. remarks.our important support for my country. ukraine counts on the security council, madam, to exert all possible efforts on the international level in order to guarantee the protection of the ukrainian people, the sovereignty of my country, and its territorial integrity. >> at the beginning of this the debriefing of the distinguished member of the russian federation, with great attention. unfortunately, we still have not received any compelling answer to the simple question -- why are they military forces of the russian federation illegally occupying crimea and it -- and brutally violating international law and bilateral agreements? thatld like to remind you according to the budapest memorial on security assurances 1994 by states including russia itself -- my country got rid of its nuclear arsenal, while russia agreed to refrain from the use of threats territorygainst the or independence of ukraine. i want to underline that by this aggression the russian theration is undermining regime. i wish to brief you on the most recent developmen
Mar 3, 2014 10:30am PST
of isolation essentials of the country's most is on ukraine. teasing someone the west of the sky making the places in the first place while he is the source is critically johnson charge of several key economic regions in a bid to stamp out the river bandits sentiment sweeping the southeast. and also the part well and good intentions and the consequences of westlake humanitarian convoys to syria are reportedly being teased by one of the european tour contest to join defines the interval tonk country the eye. it seems not to drink you like most. welcome to the problem. and listen to the breaking news announcing to the show and in tiny ukraine and fools division has pledged donations to the crimean people eight hundred pence an hour almost sixteen warplanes are not under the command of local authorities. that brings the total number of troops have reportedly switch lanes in the paintings he had to almost six thousand in just two days and on tv garbage can on kansas now alive and from the crimea time favorites at various up to date on the developments in crimea. well this is an air force to
Al Jazeera America
Feb 28, 2014 7:00pm EST
. this has been another day of uncertainty in ukraine. a small country that plays a pivotal role to economic giants. the instability of ukraine and the di ployment of russian troops, in the crimea region of ukraine. one quarter of western's natural gas is supplied by iran, and half of that goes through ukraine pipeline network. any disruption would hit germany hard which depends on gas to run its factories. as it stands russian officials say they need $15 billion this spring to avoid a financial default and keep the country's economy going. in recent days an interim government in kiev asked the international monetary fund and other countries to help. many countries have investors who would be hit hard if ukraine goes under. even russia recognized the problem two weeks ago and pledged a $15 billion, but that was before viktor yanukovych was deposed. a russian intervention, or lingering tensions lead to go a debt default would cause havoc to trade, even here in the united states. for some contac contacts, in chy investors pulled their investments out of emerging markets and put them in bonds,
Mar 2, 2014 6:00pm PST
in ukraine. that country's acting prime minister is calling for international help. there's word tonight that secretary of state john kerry will travel to ukraine's capital on tuesday and is condemning russia's move into the ciman region. it's the site of a naval base and thousands of russian troops are standing guards alongside city streets as well. >> this is actually the declaration of war to my country. >> you just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. >> secretary kerry is also threatening russia with economic and trade sanctions if putin's troops don't pull out of crimea. >> the violence in ukraine has spurred the people in the u.s. to do something to help the victims, including an artist on tour in the south bay who has very close ties to the region. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from san jose with his campaign for peace. kimberly? >> victor key, an ukranian-american is a having circumstance performer and has been paying close attention to what's going on. he'll have two weeks off as the show picks up from san jose and moves on t
Feb 26, 2014 4:00am PST
, it affects your pocketbook. how can ukraine, a country of 46- million people half a world away be so divided as to cause instability that reaches europe and perhaps the u.s.? energy market trader phil flynn says it starts with natural gas produced in russia carried in pipelines to ukraine and beyond to europe. russia will look to raise natural gas prices on ukraine. if they cut off supplies of natural gas, europe will use more oil and it will be bullish across the energy complex. already russia has made it clear that ukraine's 15-billion dollars' worth of inexpensive deals for fuel sources are in jeopardy. the u.s. can be affected because the price will go up if the supply is reduced. the white house walked carefully down the middle of ukraine's unrest. this is not a competition of east versus west. there's no resumption of the cold war. this is about the ukranian people and their future. the bright spots emerging from the crisis in the ukraine-- are the country's bond prices are rising and so is the stock market. on speculation that the country will get european and u.s. aid after the ou
FOX News
Mar 4, 2014 9:00pm PST
ukraine, countries like maldove va and georgia, they're going to watch us very carefully, we don't want those countries to succumb to russian blackmail, whether it's about energy or money or anything else. i think there are a lot of tough things we can do, we can suspend russia from various organizations. >> all right. >> we can make her pay a price, i think we will do that. >> good to have you here tonight, sir. >> thank you. >>> while washington scrambles to counter president putin, a number of experienced russia watchers are wondering why anyone is surprised by these events. many feel they have been laid out quite clearly for many years. simon marks is a former bureau chief. simon welcome. you just heard the back and forth i had with congressman engle, and john mccain and president obama. they're talking about international law. who -- does putin care about any of that? >> i think that's the real question, martha. if anything good comes out of all this. it may be a fundamental misconception that one can argue has dogged russia for years, it's finally smashed. the misconception being
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 11:00am EST
not only in crimea, but also as you heard phil ittner say on the territory of ukraine. the country is eas earn eastern. you have 40% of the population is ethnic russian. then you also have the black feet with forces with that. it's a complicated situation for the new government of kiev. only 48 hours old, facing a lot of challenges. and now this military challenge on top of it. and certainly must be a very, very worrying development. >> all right, jennifer glass joining us. thank you so much. >>> and anyoning me now villa skyp--andjoining me now the newy appointed interior minister appointed in ukraine. what are you concerned about right now? >> yes, what is happening now from the ukraine. you see ukraine is not quite ready for military abrasion from the russian. nobody thinks this would be happening because everybody is saying that russia is our friend. russia is family, etc. but what is happening now when putin asking to be parliament of russia to make this, and they say yes. going into crimea with th, ukrae is not a nuclear country. it was in 1994 when this umbrellas witagreement was s
Mar 4, 2014 11:00am PST
, but the possibility still exists. it is a veiled threat. john kerry has now arrived for talks in ukraine, a country whose borders are changing. changed by the march of russian troop that's have fired the first shots in their take over of ukraine. they have marched toward russia trying to reach their war planes. soldiers open fired. they warned the ukrainians to stop. they did, but only after least four volleys of gunfire. a dangerous twist in an invasion the president has condemned. >> overtime this will be a costly proposition for russia. the strong condemnation that it has received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> the u.s. is looking at economic sanctions, but does russia's president care? amidst the crisis, russian war games lead by president pugh tin, a display of russian power, the timing deliberate. putin defiant. the exercises are not over, the take over is not, nor is the standoff at ukraine's military bases. >>> in his news conference, putin warned that economic sanctions against russia would be harmful because
Feb 28, 2014 12:00pm EST
details on our >> major new developments in ukraine. the country has requested a united nations security council meeting to deal with its crisis. switzerland and austria are trying to block any assets ukraine's fugitive president may have hidden. today, viktor yanukovych claiming to still be ukraine's rightful leader. >> camouflage and armed pro-russia militants this morning took control of two airports. the message was clear -- they are on the side of russia and completely reject the new ukrainian government. the chaos gripping ukraine now the source of dangerous and rising tensions between the saidd states and russia today that a massive military exercise near the ukrainian border. nowhere is the battle line more evident than right here in the mostly russian enclave of crimea. they want to be closer to russia, even part of it. on thursday, armed men stormed the parliament building, raising the russian flag. they are playing revolutionary songs, and they are calling everyone here comrades. ukraine, citizen of but i am russian, this woman told us, saying she welcomed a russian invasion.
Comedy Central
Mar 4, 2014 11:31pm PST
ukraine's ball sack." over the millennia, country may's been occupied by greeks, romans, mongols, ottomans, byzantines, and even the goths, who invaded just to piss off their parents. in 1441, the peninsula became an independent muslim state called the crimean khanate, run by a turkic people called tatars, and their children the tartar tots. ( laughter ) ( applause ) in 17 foor, russia conquered crimea in 1853, the horrible casualties of the first crimean war inspired alfred lord tennyson's classic poem, "the charge of the light brigade," with the famous lines, "theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die, happy valentine's day to a special nephew." ( laughter ) ( applause ) now, russia-- big tennyson fans here tonight. russia kept possession of crimea until 1954, when nikita khrushchev cruc regifted country may to ukraine, after a high-level summit between his liver and a bottle of stoli. at the time of the ussr's collapse the ukraine had the third largest nuclear stockpile in the world, but surrendered it in a diplomatic agreement called the "budapest mem
Mar 1, 2014 7:00pm EST
to ukraine. security council held an emergency meeting. we heard from ambassadors from the two bank countries. -- the two countries. this is about half an hour. >> distinguished members of the security council. deputy secretary general. the media. thanks for having this meeting on such a short notice. thank you for your commands and presenting the statement of the secretary general. state am going to -- the situation continues to deteriorate. russians have you legally entered the territory of -- you legally -- russians have illegally entered the territory of ukraine. the counsel has authorized military force against ukraine. there and already their number is increasing every hour. this constitutes an active aggression against ukraine. andhreatens the sovereignty territorial integrity of our country. the russian federation does not test --- the buddhist budapest memorandum -- it is dangerous to the principal. proposal onted the august 7. the federation violated the principles of charter of the united nations. time, in this fluid situation, -- the government of ukraine has quested to hold this
Mar 3, 2014 5:00pm PST
in ukraine thereby contributing to mayhem that is happening in the country at the moment. here's more from us and foreign minister let's go to church because the bases july concert with the situation aggressively the threats in the swiss sanctions and boycotts of a same lesson on as a ballast them repeatedly and insistently in college the political power was the workplace of them to afford an ultimatum into refused on milk to ignore the concerns of the south and east of ukraine and ultimately to penalize ukrainian society. we are calling on everyone to replace the situation responsibly. but this auntie a political calculations and making tracks of the ukrainian people. the top priority. this is the opportunity to remind the western officials about the agreement was signed between the ukrainian president and the opposition leader's on every twenty first laid eyes on the west different. foreign ministers and being around her so that's exciting. however none of the points of the view we have been fulfilled by the opposition and yet we haven't heard a single word of criticism from the west also t
Mar 3, 2014 2:00am PST
, ukraine on the brink. russian troops moving into the country while the rest of the world chooses sides. the new steps the u.s. is taking this morning and the key ally russia may have picked up overnight. >>> right now, brutal winter storm pummeling the east. millions waking up to snow and ice, being warned, stay off the roads. schools and offices shut down, thousands of flights already grounded this morning. our indra petersons is live tracking this latest winter storm for us. >>> and while you were sleeping, it ended, just minutes ago. hollywood honoring its best at the academy awards. we'll have the show-stopping moments and all the historic wins. good morning, everyone. a lot going on this morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's monday, march 3rd. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> let's begin with breaking news, the crisis in ukraine escalating by the hour. u.s. officials confirming russian forces have seized complete operational control of the crimean peninsula. ukraine's new government putting its own military on high alert, charging russia
Mar 2, 2014 5:30pm PST
to be the president who started the war between two neighboring and friendly countries, between ukraine and russia, so he has this target, we are on the brink of the disaster. >> that is why young ukrainians receiving orders. >> hope that the situation is -- will be known. but ready to save my country. >> reporter: many sought to save their country in recent month and paid with their lives. now after turmoil of revolution, ukrainians live under shadow of war. they have their own sense of defense. they would be tested but no solution. ism tb news, kiev. >>> what's driving vladimir putin's thinking of all this? what's the russian perspective? for more, professor emeritus at princeton university. thanks for joining us. putin just raised the stakes a significant amount. why? >> we hear the american view, putin is imperialist soviet leader, trying to recreate the soviet union. he's something fundamentally different. he came to power 14 years ago and inherited a collapsed state. remember the russians may have collapsed twice in 20th century, 1917 and 1991. putin's mission is to restore russian stability, gr
Mar 4, 2014 8:00pm PST
finding work is going on in ukraine in teal. as tensions rise on the streets in ukraine a country has been seeking new leaders to carry the country into a new era. but as rt peter oliver finds out these new leaders also happen to be the country's richest business people. the u s through the elected governments know that people with kids independence square the message footloose would lead the country. we have together together all these oligarchs and put the storm and a dozen foreign accounts and ukraine are conscious of money. solar houses the course until we can put into the fold. too late says names to take over key roles in ukraine are also among the richest in the country the goal is he is the fifth richest man in ukraine with a fortune estimated at a cool two point four billion dollars to get out into the store he went around to billion. but other members of the poem in its appointed authorities in kiev the poverty stricken the snow going by the prophecy portfolios. this is the key of hole with interim prime ministeravior ise of the more modest dwellings belonging to members of the i
Mar 1, 2014 6:00am EST
on the situation in ukraine. the council members reviewed with concern the recent developments in the country. during the concern was expressed for the ukraine and the council agreed on the importance of restraint by all the actors in the ukraine. they called for inclusive political dollar -- dialogue acknowledging the diversity of ukrainian society. in my national capacity, we certainly have concern about the situation and the outbreak of violence in crimea and ukraine. we express our strong support for ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. we call on ukraine's partners -- foreign partners to abide by international law. during the discussions, we all reminded of the discussions to observe multilateral agreements. by all parties. also the ukraine and russian agreement of 1997. we reiterated the obligation of all member states to refrain in international relations from threats or the use of force against territorial integrity, a lyrical independence of any state in any manner with the purposes of the united nations. sorry, i have a cold. anybody that recognized the ac
Al Jazeera America
Feb 27, 2014 1:00pm EST
team next week to ukraine, in response to the country's request for help. for more on that, we can talk to -- i am told that we don't have him to help us analyze the economic situation, perhaps later in the evening, for now though, in sport, a bit later we go to south africa where youngsters are being introduced to fencing to keep them off the street, that's all from us, back to doe ha. they need assistance. >> there's no such thing as illegal immigration. >> al jazeera america presents... a breakthrough television event borderland a first hand view at the crisis on the border. >> how can i not be affected by it? >> strangers, with different points of view take a closer look at the ongoing conflict alex, a liberal artist from new york and randy, a conservative vet from illinois... >> are you telling me that it's ok to just let them all run into the united states? >> you don't have a right to make judgements about it... >> they re-trace the steps of myra, a woman desparately trying to reunite with her family. >> to discover, and one of their children perish in the process, i don't know h
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 11:00pm EST
has changed this weekend in ukraine. russia now controls part of that country and pressure is growing across the world. the american secretary of state will meet with ukraine's leaders in kiev on tuesday. also the british prime minister pressured trowz pul russia to p. russia's invasion is not just a threat but a declaration of war. also the head of ukraine's navy was fired for treason today after he swore allegiance to pro-russian leaders. our teams are in kiev and the regional capital of crimea, sim verm. simferopol. jennifer glasse is there. >> stability to crimea, what that means he doesn't know. he refused to give up. then more russians arrived, truckloads of them. the colonel watches and tells someone, they're here. the ukrainians move an armed vehicle to their gate. but there will be no reenforcements. no one is coming from kiev he tells me i'm alone me and my brigade, we'll do what we can and we'll see, we'll see. >> the expander in his brigade says we'll see if there's going to be war. then the troops come in on foot. some sifnlts tried to stop. but -- civilians tried to stop
Mar 2, 2014 6:00am PST
the declaration of war to my country. >> that is ukraine's new prime minister responding to increased russian military forces in crimea. i'm candy crowley and this is a special edition of "state of the union." >>> good morning from washington. the prime minister of ukraine says his country is "on the brink of disaster." russian troops are in crimea and in response, ukrainian government has called up its military reservists, even as it admits the country can't match russia's firepower. ukraine's defense minister says russian soldiers converged on three military bases in crimea demanding ukrainian troops surrender and give up their weapons. the ukrainian soldiers did not and there has been no fighting between them. >>> president obama and russian president vladimir putin spoke over the phone for 90 minutes saturday. the u.s. says russia is breaking international law. russia says it's protecting its military personnel and citizens in crimea. in response to all of this, the united states, great britain and france are suspending their participation in preparation talks for the g-8 summit being hel
Al Jazeera America
Feb 27, 2014 10:00am EST
of ukraine, cameron said that britain supports a united and democratic ukraine and every country should respect the sovereignty. he's particularly concerned about the situation in crimea and said russia should respect the territorial integrity of the country and the world will be watching. angela merkel on the issue of ukraine said germany will be doing everything it can to support the new government and reiterating what cameron said about the territorial integrity and germany respecting the territory of ukraine. that's what happened a few minutes ago in london. >> let's update you on the situation in the ukraine. the center of appear appears to have shifted from the capitol kiev, the other side of the story emerging in crimea. gunman have taken over a government building and prompted a russian flag. that prompted warnings to moscow not to take action. the new performy war is being played out. >> tents are being made here to turn crimea like kiev in reverse. heavily armed men are protecting it from what they see as profoundly undemocratic forces. their supporters not so many, but they a
Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 3:30pm EST
here. there is grave concern in ukraine tonight that the fate of this country is not in their hands answered more. that it's in the hands of washington, moscow, or brussels. >> thank you. we'll see you as we pause at the top of the hour into the 4:00 p.m. iron hour. i want to get to a couple of other notes related to this story. for example, earlier today, secretary of defense chuck hagel spoke regarding the situation in ukraine. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> also this morning pursuing measures to support the allies including stepping up joint training, aviation detachment in poland, and it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting our discussion of n.a.t.o. policing. >> they are sending a mission of 35 military personnel to ukraine. the unarmed troops come from 18 different countries. they're currently on their way to odessa in southern ukraine. the mission was requested by pro-western authorities in kiev. that's scheduled to last until march 12th. >>> social media has played a huge role in the crisis of ukraine from government officials and traditional pres
Feb 28, 2014 6:00pm EST
wants to focus on the political transition in ukraine's capital to help keep the country stable. craig boswell for cbs news, the state department. >> secretary kerry planned to meet with the russian foreign minister next week in rome to talk about the situation in ukraine. ill gun owners in virginia now have a -- >>> gun owners in virginia now have a way to protect themselves if they are perhaps charged with some sort of gun law violation. former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli opened the first of its kind virginia law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of gun owners. peggy fox talked to cuccinelli today to find out more about it. >> reporter: ken cuccinelli says he's happy to be off the campaign treadmill and now focusing on his family, his own law firm and a separate whole new kind of law practice, one dedicated to defending gun rights. >> if they lawfully use a gun to defend themselves or are essentially harassed for legally carrying where they're allowed by law to carry, we weekend them start to finish. >> reporter: he and three partners have launched virginia's sel
Mar 1, 2014 11:00pm EST
. >>> ukraine is aa accusing russia of a military innovation. ukraine leaders are asking the un, britain, france, and china for help. allison harmalin -- putin said he's determined to protect people in that country and russia's interest in ukraine. >> reporter: then proudly flew the russian flag. many ukrainians align themselves more with nearby russia than their own country. they don't support the new ukrainian president. putin got the green light to proceed with military intervention. in response, the ukraine's acting prime minister put his forces on alert. members of the un security council gathered for an emergency meeting. ukraine'sa un ambassador asked the security council to take action. >> this action constitutes an act of aggression against the state of ukraine. >> reporter: america's ambassador -- >> intervention by the russian military will be a grave mistake and will have costs and uencconseq. >> reporter: president obama spoke with putin for over 90 minutes. >>> ukrainians living here in the washington area speaking out and asking obama to intervene. peaceful protests were held toni
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